Who we are

Aroha, Hamish and Jack sitting outside next to a fire. Aroha wrapped in a Somni weighted blanket in Organic Cotton and Earthy Orange colour


Who We Are

We are Aroha, Hamish and our helpers Jack (3), Maia (1) and David the Dachshund (6.5 human years). We are a 100% family owned and founded Kiwi business who, through our own struggles with sleep, saw an opportunity to help people sleep better. 

How It Started

Hamish has always had trouble sleeping. For 10 years he researched and tried all manner of solutions but most had no impact. This all changed when Aroha gave him a Weighted Blanket in 2018. "Once I started sleeping better I quickly realised how sleep is the foundation of everything." The concept of Somni followed soon after. "Somni is less about sleep, it is more about the incredible power that comes after a good night's sleep. Power and courage to be your best self. We have seen this first hand and this is what we want other people to feel.'

The Products

We wanted to take traditional products and redesigned them to be better. We also wanted to make products which are sustainable and balanced for the environment, innovative, functional and also look beautiful in your home and bedroom. We wanted to make products which people fall in love with. The Somni Sleep Collection (Weighted Blanket, Sleep Mask and Pillow)
The Sleep Guarantee:

The Guarantee

Somni is about the empowerment and wellbeing that results from a great nights sleep. Because of this, we wanted people to be able to trial our products risk free. All of our products come with a Sleep Guarantee. If they don't work for you then send them back with no questions asked. Weighted Blankets- 100-Sleep-Trial. Pillow- 100-Sleep-Trial and the Sleep Mask- 30-Sleep-Trial.

The Somni Brand

Somni is about the feeling you get after a good night's sleep. "We wanted to create something that was less dark and gloomy but bright and cheerful.


Somni is also driven my our core values:

  • Courage
  • Curiosity
  • Authenticity
  • Responsibility