Somni weighted blanket Queen/ King in light grey with women on bed stretching after an amazing nights sleep.

Why the Somni Weighted Blanket is the blanket for you:

1. The only weighted blanket to stay perfectly flat all night long with ZipperTek.

2. Designed in NZ and crafted with the finest and most luxurioous natural materials.

3. The Somni Promise: 100-Sleep-Guarantee, Free Express Shipping and NZ Local Business and Service.

Collection: Somni Premium Weighted Blankets

The Somni Premium Weighted Blanket collection- part of the Somni Sleep Collection.

We have designed a weighted blanket that doesn't bunch or sag like other blankets do! This means you will sleep better with gentle even weight, all night long. Our ZipperTek solution attaches the weighted blanket directly to the cover so your blanket stays perfectly flat. This means you get maximum benefit from Deep Pressure Therapy (DPT), the gentle 'hug' which makes weighted blankets so magic.

Our Weighted Blankets are designed in New Zealand and crafted with the finest materials. Somni left no stone unturned in our mission to design the best weighted blanket. This includes the finest materials and amazing balanced for you and for the environment.

You can choose from two sizes:

Our Double/ Queen weighted blanket is 150cm x 200cm. This is bigger than other single blankets available and ensures you will not be poking out the edges!

Our King/ Super King weighted blanket is a big 200cm x 223cm. Perfect for a large bed and/ or a couple.

All blankets come with The Somni Promise:

This means that there is a 100-Sleep-Guarantee on all blankets- we want you to purchase risk free and only keep it if you love it. We also have Free Express Shipping NZ wide on all products!

Hamish & Aroha @ Somni.

*Somni is a 100% Kiwi family business started by Hamish and Aroha who, through their own sleep challenges, are passionate about helping others sleep great.

Somni Premium Weighted Blankets