New Zealand’s Premium Weighted Blanket relaxes and provokes deep sleep with the power of comforting weight. Luxe-Fleece cover is our warmer cover perfect over the cooler months.


Empower yourself to be your best through a great night’s sleep with the Somni Weighted Blanket. Everyone can benefit from a weighted blanket, especially those that have trouble with their sleep. Our weighted blanket moulds to your body shape, enveloping you in a gentle ‘hug’ which relaxes your nervous system and helps generate long, deep, consistent sleep.


Cool stress relief

Our blanket breathes, helping regulate temperature through the night creating a consistent sleep.

Instant calming comfort

Gentle pressure reduces stress and promotes sleep instantly through Deep Pressure Therapy (DPT). Supported by our Microbead technology.

The ‘hug’

Whether you sleep on your back, side or front. Our blanket moulds to your body enveloping you in a gentle ‘hug’.

Gentle even pressure

We use our own design ZipperTech. This stops bunching allowing consistent pressure.

Peaceful touch

Our blanket is durable and tough. Designed with 7-layers to best allow consistent weight, durability and temperature regulation.