Weighted Blanket Covers

Somni offer a range of different covers to suit your sleeping preferences.

Eco Bamboo

Eco-Bamboo is a soft, cool and silky cover. Eco-Bamboo is perfect for summer months of if you are a hot sleeper. I use Eco-Bamboo year round and in winter I have a traditional duvet on top of my weighted blanket.

Our Eco-Bamboo covers come in two colors- Navy Blue and Dark Grey

Premium Weighted blanket with Navy Blue Bamboo Cover

Premium weighted blanket with Dark Grey Bamboo cover on

Organic Cotton

This is your traditional material and at Somni we take it to the next level with material which is balanced with the environment. Organic Cotton is good year round.

Our Organic Cotton covers come in two colors- Earthy Orange and Dark Grey

Premium weighted blanket with Organic cotton earthy orange cover on

Premium weighted blanket with Dark Grey Organic Cotton cover on

Lux-Fleece (Mink)

Lux-Fleece is so soft and snuggly it makes getting into bed like getting into a warm bath. Perfect for winter or, if you just love it like we do, use it all year round!

Our Lux-Fleece covers come in two colors- Light Grey and Navy Blue.

Premium weighted blanket with Light Grey Lux-Fleece cover on

Premium weighted blanket with navy blue lux-fleece cover on