Why you need Somni ZipperTek

NZ weighted blanket with ZipperTech attaching the cover to the blanket

When we were creating Somni we tested every weighted blanket we could get our hands on. A common (and very frustrating!!) problem was bunching and sagging. This meant that trying to lay the blanket flat was annoyingly difficult and during the night the blanket could bunch within the cover- and sometimes even fall off the bed!

We invented ZipperTek to solve this problem and the Somni weighted blanket is the only blanket in New Zealand to offer an internal zip system.

Here is why your weighted blanket needs our internal zip system rather than loops and ties:

  1. No sagging and bunching. This means that the weight (and warmth) are evenly distributed when you are sleeping. Even if you move around a lot in the night, the weighted blanket will remain perfectly balanced.
  2. Easy to put on and take off. With the Somni weighted blanket, one zip is used to fix 3 sides of the weighted blanket directly to the cover. 

Shop our Double/ Queen Size Weighted Blanket here and our King/ Super King size Weighted Blanket here.