Preserving Comfort: The Ultimate Guide to Cleaning and Maintaining Your Somni Weighted Blanket

Preserving Comfort: The Ultimate Guide to Cleaning and Maintaining Your Somni Weighted Blanket

Welcome to Somni. In this post we walk you through how to clean and maintain your Somni weighted blanket to ensure you keep getting those great night sleeps. A clean weighted blanket is more than just a bed accessory; it's an investment in your sleep health. In this guide, we'll walk you through the essential steps to properly wash your weighted blanket, ensuring that it remains a comforting, fresh, and effective sleep aid for years to come.

Why It's Important to Clean Your Weighted Blanket

Your weighted blanket is a daily companion in your sleep journey, and like any companion, it needs regular care. Keeping your blanket clean is crucial for hygiene, as it accumulates sweat, skin cells, and dust over time. Regular cleaning maintains the blanket’s effectiveness and sensory qualities, ensuring that every embrace is as comforting as the first. Plus, there’s nothing like the refreshing scent of a clean blanket to enhance your sleep experience.

Spot Cleaning and Maintenance

Accidents happen, and when they do, it's important to tackle small spills or stains promptly. For spot cleaning, use a gentle detergent and water, dabbing the area gently without scrubbing. Regular maintenance, such as shaking out the blanket or airing it outside, also helps keep it fresh and prolongs its life.

Preparing the Weighted Blanket for Washing

Before washing, remove the cover of your Somni weighted blanket. Please follow specific instructions on your cover and wash separately from your weighted blanket.

Choosing the Right Washing Machine or Hand Wash

You can either hand wash your weighted blanket in warm water or choose to wash your weighted blanket in a machine that can handle its weight and size. A front-loading washing machine is ideal, as it provides a gentle wash without the central agitator found in top-loaders, which can strain the fabric and stitching of your blanket.

Selecting the Right Detergent

Choose a gentle, hypoallergenic detergent for your weighted blanket. Avoid harsh chemicals or bleach, as they can degrade the fabric and affect the blanket’s weight distribution.

Washing the Weighted Blanket

Place your blanket in the washing machine, ensuring it's evenly distributed. Select a gentle cycle with warm water and a slow spin speed. If possible, wash the blanket with similar items to balance the load and prevent the machine from becoming unbalanced.

Drying Your Weighted Blanket

Do not machine dry your weighted blanket. Instead air dry by hanging your weighted blanket, preferably outside. Flip it occasionally to prevent clumps and uneven weight distribution.

Post-Wash Care and Storage

After washing, make sure your blanket is completely dry before using or storing it. Store it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to prevent any damage or fading.

Keeping your weighted blanket clean is key to ensuring its longevity and effectiveness. By following these steps, you can enjoy the soothing embrace of a freshly cleaned, cozy, and comforting weighted blanket, night after night. Remember, a clean blanket is more than just about hygiene; it's about maintaining a sanctuary of restful sleep.