How a Sleep Mask can change the way you sleep

How a Sleep Mask can change the way you sleep

I started using a Sleep Mask (also commonly known as an eye mask) while I was pregnant with our first child, Jack. During my first and third trimesters in particular I was extremely tired and I wasn’t sleeping well, especially in the last two months. Our room is quite bright so, when I woke up during the night, I would put on a sleep mask to help get back to sleep. It worked well; the darkness created by the sleep mask communicates with your body/ mind, that it is time to go to sleep. After Jack was born, I started day napping a lot, ‘sleep while the baby sleeps’, or so they say. I always use a sleep mask for napping. It helps me fall asleep quickly and I feel far more rested when I wake. Here are a few things that I learned about sleep masks/ eye masks which might be useful for someone considering purchasing one.

  • It really helps if you have a blackout mask (blackout meaning zero light gets through to your eyes). I tried a number of different masks and the blackout mask was by far the most effective.  Most masks let light in which I found defeated the purpose of having a mask on in the first place.
  • Look for a mask with 3D eye wells. This stops there being any pressure on your eyes. It feels more natural and therefore I found it easier to sleep.
  • A lot of eye masks have elastic straps which go around your ears. After a while, I would find the straps put pressure on and became uncomfortable.

When we had the original idea for Somni, I really wanted a sleep mask to be included in the founding products which we now call the Somni Sleep Collection. We looked for the perfect mask but when we couldn’t find it, we decided to create one ourselves. Some important things to know about the Somni Sleep Mask:

  • It is made from ultra-soft memory foam. This allows it to mold to the contours of your face. This eases any pressure points and creates comfort.
  • It has 3D eye wells. This means that there is no pressure on your eyes. This is much more natural and similar to how you would naturally sleep.
  • The Somni Sleep Mask has no elastic straps. Instead it has a full head wrap band. This stops pressure building up in an area of your head (e.g. your ears!) and it also makes it far less likely to move while you’re sleeping. The result is amazing comfort and better quality sleep.

Aroha @ Somni


The Somni Blackout sleep mask with eye wells and no pressure wrap around strap