Finding Your Perfect Weighted Blanket: A Guide to Sizes and Serene Sleep with Somni

Finding Your Perfect Weighted Blanket: A Guide to Sizes and Serene Sleep with Somni

Welcome to Somni where your journey to tranquil nights and serene sleep begins. You're one step closer to finding the perfect weighted blanket, tailored to embrace you into a world of comfort and peace. Here, we'll guide you through choosing the ideal blanket size to enhance your rest. Let's explore the options together, ensuring you select a blanket that feels like it was made just for you.


Blanket Sizes Overview

At Somni, we understand that sleep is a personal experience, and so is your choice of a weighted blanket. Our collection includes two main sizes: Double/Queen and King/Super King. Each is designed to fit different bed sizes and accommodate individual or shared sleeping arrangements, offering a snug, comforting embrace every night.


Double/Queen Size Blankets

Our Double/Queen size blankets, resembling the dimensions of a Queen-sized bed, are an oasis of comfort for solo sleepers. Available in 9kg and 7kg options, they're crafted to be approximately 10% of your body weight, ensuring the perfect balance of pressure for a soothing, cocoon-like feel. Ideal for personal use in shared beds or guest rooms, these blankets are a staple for anyone seeking a personal retreat. Discover more and find your perfect match here.

Our Double/ Queen Size is 150cm wide and 200cm long.


King/Super King Size Blankets

Embrace expansive comfort with our King/Super King size blankets. Designed for couples or larger beds, these blankets come in 9kg, 11kg, and 13kg options. They are tailored to be about 5 - 15% of a couple's combined body weight, providing a shared haven of relaxation. Perfect for master bedrooms, these blankets offer a shared experience of comfort and restfulness. Click here to explore our King/ Super King Options.

Our King/ Super King blankets are 200cm wide by 223cm long.


How to Choose the Right Size

Selecting the right weighted blanket is essential for the full Somni experience. Consider the bed size, the number of people using the blanket, and personal weight preferences. A general rule is to choose a blanket weight that's close to 10% of your body weight for individual use or 5 - 15% of combined weight for couples. Consider the age of the user, their sleep habits, and even the room's decor to ensure the blanket complements your lifestyle.Embark on your journey to restful sleep with Somni – where each blanket is a promise of comfort, relaxation, and the joy of waking up refreshed.



Shawn S.

“I bought this for my wife. But I was not expecting the positive effect it had on my own sleep. This is just great.”


Frances G.

“I actually gave this to my Mom as she has insomnia. My Mom really likes it! She said it’s very calming and comforting.”


Kirsten R.

“Darling daughter has had huge issues with sleep since having CRPS (Chronic Pain) a few years ago. This weighted blanket from Somni has changed her nighttime world! It’s breathable and pretty but best of all, she is relaxed and sleeps all night for the first time in a long while.”